Elizabeth & Stephan Wedding Day preview low res64_
Elizabeth & Stephan Wedding
Drikie & Annamie Couple Preview low res34
Annamie & Dirkie
Andele Maternity preview low res1
Andéle & Mark
Brodbeck Family Low Res11
Brodbeck Family
Ladine Baby shower Preview low res62
Ladine Baby Shower
Anja & Linda Friend Preview low res1
Anja & Linda Friend
Hirst Family Preview low res21
Hirst Family
Myrone & Stacey Engagement low res7
Jamie & Myrone Engagement
ASATA dinner Preview low res40
ASTATA dinner
Maryke & Duan Wedding preview low res62
Maryke & Duan Wedding
Aleit Academy Open Day 2016 Low res24
The Aleit Academy Open day 2016
Cavalli Food Preview low res29
Cavalli Menu Shoot
Ziyaad & Stacey Esession Preview low res67
Ziyaad & Stacey Engagement
Isabelle & Theo Wedding Preview low res80
Isabelle & Theo Wedding
Lezanne & Japie Wedding Preview low res79
Lezanne & Japie Wedding
Melissa & Jaco Wedding Preview low res106
Melissa & Jaco Wedding
Schreiber Family preview low res2
Schreiber Family
Linda & Family Preview low res36
Linda & Family
Henlie & Albie Wedding Preview low res82
Henlie & Albie Wedding Day
Karin & Tiaan Wedding Preview low res99
Karin & Tiaan Wedding
Venter Family preview low res24
Venter Family
Linda & Junior Preview low res21
Linda & Junior
Sarisna & Juandre Engagement low res27
Sarisna & Juandre Engagement
Salie Kitchen Tea sneak preview low res40
Salie’s Kitchen Tea
Melissa & Albe Maternity Preview low res20
Melissa & Albe Maternity
Henlie & Albie Esession preview low res18
Henlie & Albie Engagement
Lulette & Van Zyl Wedding Preview low res70
Lulette & Van Zyl Wedding
Rejuvenation Center low res30
Rejuvenation Center Launch
Colebank Family Low res9
Colebank Family
Tarrin & Wayne Wedding Preview low res60
Tarrin & Wayne Wedding
Marina & Henk Preview low res32
Marina & Henk Couple
Charmaine & Andreas Couple Preview low res49
Charmaine & Andreas Couple
Liesl & Gary Couple Preview low res26
Liesl & Gary Couple
Lise & Bennie Wedding Preview Low res62
Lise & Bennie Wedding
Jones Family preview low res36
Jonas Family
Ansie & Eugene Wedding Preview low res65
Ansie & Eugene Wedding
Stella & Riley Newborn
AA Graduation Low res15
Aleit Academy Graduation
Garnett & Juandre Wedding low res90
Garnett & Juandre Wedding
Kelly & Gary Wedding Preview low res98
Kelly & Gary Wedding
Melissa & Jaco Engagement Preview low res3
Melissa & Jaco Engagement
Adonis Family Preview low res12
Adonis Family
Keri & Glynn Wedding Preview low res69
Keri & Glynn Wedding
Kelly & Gary Rehearsal Dinner preview low res12
Kelly & Gary Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Clare & Henning Esession Preview low res20
Clare & Henning Engagement
Garnett & Juandre Esession preview low res4
Garnett & Juandre Engagement
Lene Newborn Preview low res2
Lene Newborn
Kate & Warren Maternity preview low res15
Kate & Warren Maternity
Venette Portrait low res7
Venette Portrait
Dorfling Family Preview low res5
Dorfling Family Shoot
Tarrin & Wayne Esession Preview low res1
Tarrin & Wayne Engagement
Liesl & Daniel Wedding preview low res60
Liesl & Daniel Wedding
The Wealth Room Launch preview low res17
The Wealth Room Launch
Monique & Marnitz Wedding low res67
Monique & Marnitz Wedding
Groupon Event Preview low res16
Groupon Dinner
Crafford Family Preview low res1
Crafford Family
Coolen Family preview low res2
Coolen Family
Lucy & Moray Esession Preview low res34
Lucy & Moray Engagement
Charmaine & Christopher preview low res4
Charmaine Maternity
Alison preview low res15
Alison Portrait
RMB Yearend preview low res12
Rand Merchant Bank Yearend
Caro & Stephan Wedding Preview low res77
Caro & Stephan Wedding
Corne & Jandre Wedding Preview low res121
Corné & Jandré Wedding
Sjaan & Albert Wedding preview low res74
Sjaan & Albert Wedding
Andrea & Ben Wedding Preview low res59
Andrea & Ben Wedding
Delene & Nico Wedding preview low res84
Delene & Nico Wedding
Liesl & Samantha Mother & Daugther low res5
Liesl & Samantha Mother & Daughter
Lulette & Van Zyl Esession Low res16
Lulette & Van Zyl Engagement
Fraser Family preview low res23
Fraser Family
Rozaan & Johan Esession Low res18
Rozaan & Johan Engagement
Sonja & Johan Wedding Preview low res63
Sonja & Johan Wedding
Kraft Family preview low res20
Kraft Family
Mitzi & Daniel Maternity preview low res1
Mitzi Maternity
VISSER Preview low res22
Visser Family
Zayd Newborn low res26
Zayd Newborn
Charne & Rob Wedding preview low res59
Charné & Rob Wedding
Nadia & Charles Wedding Low res107
Nadia & Charles Wedding
Caro & Stephan Esession Preview low res12
Caro & Stephan Engagement
Trish & Danie Maternity low res24
Trish & Danie Maternity
LHM December low res1
Lourensford Harvest Market December
Fraser Christmas Shoot low res15
Fraser Children Christmas shoot
Lizl & Alf couple low res1
Lizl & Alf Couple
Family low res1
Janse van Rensburg & Deacon Family
Wilco & Staceylee Esession low res1
Wilco & Stacy-Leigh Engagement
Boudoir Beauty preview low res1
Boudoir Beauty
Karin & Tiaan Esession Low res7
Karin & Tiaan Engagement
Akhona & Andile Wedding Day
Celebrate life preview low res5
Celebrate Life Dinner Party
Aleit Year End preview low res55
The Aleit Group Year-end
Labare & Gileam Wedding Preview Low res101
Labare & Gileam Wedding
Marizaan & Herman Wedding Preview low res77
Marizaan & Herman Wedding
Suzanne & Richard Wedding Preview low res91
Suzanne & Richard Wedding
Val de Vie Funrun & Market low res1
Val De Vie Market & Funrun
Marli Matric Farewell low res20
Marli & Friends Matric Farewell
Suzanne & Rosie Friend Shoot Preview low res23
Suzanne & Rosie Friend Shoot
Rentia & Jean Wedding Preview low res85
Rentia & Jean Wedding
LHM7 preview low res15
Lourensford Harvest Market
Schoeman Family Low res1
Schoeman Family
Renché & Andre Engagement Preview low res1
Renché & Andre Engagement
Jannike & Johann Wedding Preview low res61
Jannike & Johann Wedding
Zeenat & Riyaaz Maternity preview low res2
Zeenat & Riyaaz Maternity
Queeny & Sandiso Wedding Preview low res82
Queeny & Sandiso Wedding
Toinet & Schalk Wedding Preview low res87
Toinet & Schalk Wedding
Sonja & Johan Esession preview low res3
Sonja & Johan Engagement
Corné & Jandré Esession preview low res15
Corné & Jandré Engagement
LHM Aug Spring low res19
Lourensford Spring Market
Audrey & Khaney Wedding preview low res67
Audrey & Khaney Wedding
Alzan & Riaan wedding Preview low res64
Alzan & Riaan Wedding
Charlotte Launch preview low res RG69
Charlotte Francina Launch
Charlotte Range Preview low res18
Charlotte Francina 2015 Collection
Marizaan & Herman Esession low res12
Marizaan & Herman Engagement
Jeanine & Chris Wedding preview Low res62
Jeanine & Chris Wedding
Event Affairs Low res9
Event Affairs Team Shoot
Inge Matric farewell preview low res1
Inge Matric Farewell
Audrey & Khanay Esession low res1
Audrey & Khaney Engagement
Rentia & Jean Esession low res38
Rentia & Jean Engagement
Pilates preview Low res13
Performance Pilates
Hope through action low res30
Hope Through Action Charity
Servi Birthday Celebration low res18
Servi’s Birthday Celebration
Toinet & Schalk Engagement Preview low res13
Toinet & Schalk Engagement
Delene & Nico Low res61
Delene & Nico Engagement
Monique & Marnitz Esession low res13
Monique & Marnitz Engagement
Gerber Family Shoot low res1
Gerber Family
Danie Baby low res8
Danie Baby Session
Severn & Matt Preview low res76
Severn & Matt Wedding
Gertrude Birthday Celebration preview low res4
Gertrude 80th Birthday Celebration
Ludwig Birthday low res9
Ludwig Birthday Celebration
Aflim Premier Low res7
Aflim movie Premier
Ilanda & Heino low res53
Ilanda & Heino Wedding
Labare & Gileam Low res1
Labare & Gileam Engagement
Andrea & Dean Low res81
Andrea & Dean Wedding
Hayley & Michael low res72
Hayley & Michael Wedding
De Pradines low res18
De Pradines Family
Tom and Laroushka Preview low res68
Laroushka & Tom Wedding
Inecke & Franco Wedding Day low res51
Inecke & Franco Wedding
Jeanine & Chris Esession Low res1
Jeanine & Chris Engagement
46Kraft Family Low Res
Kraft Family
Ferrari Test and Drive low res30
Ferrari Test & Drive
Anthea & Keith Wedding low res86
Anthea & Keith Wedding
Jana & Retief Wedding Low res65
Jana & Retief Wedding
Andrea and Ben Low res14
Andrea & Ben Engagement
La Paris Styled Shoot
Erns and Daleen’s Big Blessing
Samantha & Donnovan Low res79
Samantha & Donovan Wedding
Anja Newborn Low res1
Anja Newborn
Jana & Retief Low res27
Jana & Retief Engagement
Butler Maternity Low res10
Butler Maternity
Ferrari low res55
Ferrari California T Launch
Lieselot & Steven Wedding low res46
Lieselot & Steven Wedding
Hayley & Michael Engagement
Emily 1st Birthday Low res2
Emily’s First Birthday Celebration
Jessica & Nana Low res50
Jessica & Nana Wedding
Nel Family Low res37
Nel Family
Shaun & Yusavia Wedding low res63
Yusavia & Shaun Wedding
Bruce & Hannah Low Res77
Hannah & Bruce Wedding
Joshua Newborn Low res25
Joshua Newborn
Schabort Famly Low res9
Schabort Family
Samantha & Garth Low Res73
Samantha & Garth Wedding
Allishia & Johann Wedding low res54
Allishia & Johann Wedding
De Wet Family Shoot Low Res7
De Wet Family
Heather & Rowan Wedding Low res64
Heather & Rowan Wedding
Annake & Wiekus Low Res65
Annake & Wiekus Wedding
Swart Family Shoot Low Res11
Swart Family
LHM last LOGO22
Lourensford Harvest Market
Nastassia & Logan Wedding
Kuhn Maternity Low Res14
Kuhn Maternity
C&J W&D83
Chrismare & Japie Wedding
LHMC low res30
Lourensford Christmas Market
Kelly & Ahmed Low Res 22
Kelly & Ahmed Anniversary
J&JLow Res 55
Janine & JP Wedding
Fraser Family Shoot Low Res4
Fraser Family & Maternity
Alzan & Riaan Esession Low Res-34
Alzan & Riaan Engagement
Babyliss Low res22
Babyliss Launch
Zelda & Joel Wedding low res74
Zelda & Joel Wedding
Ilanda & Heino Low Res34
Ilanda & Heino Engagement
Adele Matric Farewell Low Res4
Adele Matric Farewell
Andrea & Dean Low Res16
Andrea & Dean Engagement
Juliet Naming Ceremony Low Res 2
Juliet Naming Ceremony
Martie & Guillaume Wedding Low res 70
Martie & Guillaume Wedding
Nova Low Res-1
Nova Kotze Newborn