Riza & Du Toit Engagement Preview low res16
Riza & Dutoit Engagement
Botes Family preview low res2
Botes Family
Marlene & Dewaal Wedding Preview low res86
Marlene & Dewaal Wedding
Alexa Newborn Preview low res6
Van Aarde Family & Newborn
Dominique & Devon Wedding Preview low res78
Dominique & Devon Wedding
Dominique & Devon Engagement preview low res12
Domonique & Devon Engagement
Ernestus & Lorraine Wedding Preview low res51
Ernestus & Lorraine Wedding
Dos Santos 2017 Family Sneak preview low res2
Dos Santos Family
Bejanke Family 2017 Preview low res3
Swart Family
Janse van Vuuren Family Preview low res1
Janse Van Vuuren Family
Steyn Family Preview low res10
Steyn Family
Danielle & Carel Wedding Preview low res81
Daniell & Carel Wedding
Fraser 2017 Preview low res1
Fraser Children
Jessica & Kyle Esession Preview low res2
Jessica & Kyle Engagement
Morne Newborn Preview low res1
Morne Newborn
Morne 21st Preview low res23
Morne 21st Birthday
Anneke & Ruan Wedding Preview low res51
Anneke & Ruan Wedding
Boulding Family Preview low res1
Boulding Family
Van Aarde Family Preview low res1
Van aarde Family & Maternity
Lané & Braam Maternity Preview low res1
Lané & Braam Maternity
Ulla Preview low res2
Ulla Jané Portrait
Suritha Birthday Low res8
Suritha Birthday Celebration
Surete Babyshower Preview low res11
Surete Babyshower
Julie & Mark Wedding Preview low res69
Julie & Mark Wedding
Lenner Family Preview low res49
Lenner Family Shoot
Anne-marie & Koch Engagement Preview low res1
Anne-marie & Koch Engagement
Mareli & Koot Esession low res3
Mareli & Koot Engagement
Samsodien Family Preview low res21
Samsodien Family
Maryke & Dean Wedding Preview low res87
Maryke & Dean Wedding
Lizanne & Jacques Wedding Preview low res143
Lizanne & Jacques Wedding
Tina & Ryan Wedding Preview low res58
Tina & Ryan Wedding
Anne-marie & Chris Wedding Preview low res60
Anne-marie & Chris Wedding
Jana & WG Wedding Preview low res77
Jana & Wg Wedding
Cecilia & SA Esession Preview low res20
Cecilia & SA Engagement
Linda Birthday Preview low res7
Linda 60th Birthday
Tamzyn & Kyle Esession Preview low res1
Tamzyn & Kyle Engagement
Stacey & Ziyaad Wedding Preview low res56
Stacey & Ziyaad Wedding
Bonita & Jaco Couple Preview low res29
Bonita & Jaco Couple
Suzanne & Niki Wedding preview low res57
Suzanne & Niki Wedding
De Beer Family Preview low res1
De Beer Family
Burger Family Sneak preview low res3
Burger Family
Rodrigues Family Preview low res16
Rodrigues Family
Ziyaad & Stacey Nikha Preview low res8
Stacey & Ziyaad Nikkah
Charl & Alyssa Engagement Preview low res2
Alyssa & Charl Engagement
Charl & Alyssa Engagement Party Preview low res8
Alyssa & Charl Engagement Party
Monique & Jan Wedding Preview low res80
Monique & Jan Wedding
Nicole & Wim Post Wedding Preview low res1
Nicole & Wim Post Wedding
Family low res1
De Jager & Scheepers Family
Mala Maternity Preview low res14
Mala Maternity
Liesl & Seun preview low res3
Golding Family
Bernice & Jan Esession preview low res3
Bernice & Jan Engagement
Lucy & Moray Weddin Preview low res98
Lucy & Moray Wedding
Van der Linde Family
Cherie & Phillip Wedding
Leah Newborn
Kraft Family
Peter Bachelors Dinner
Brahm Birthday Celebration
Tina & Ryan Engagement
Bekker Family
Sarisna & Juandre Wedding
Suzanne & Niki Family
Visser Family
Zayd 1st Birthday Celebration
Kristina & Sergio Engagement
Alicia Buckle Workshop
Nita & Shaun Wedding
Private Dinner
Jana & WG Engagement
Woolworths 85th Birthday Celebration
Suanne & Fanie Wedding
Clare & Henning Wedding
Dos Santos Family
Halbisch Family
Kriek Mother & Daughter
Monique & Jan Engagement
Christiaan Newborn
Elena & Chris Wedding
Elena & Chris Wedding Rehearsal
Tasmin & Umar Wedding
Melanie Kitchen tea
Melony & Kevin Engagement
Hausmann Family
Davion & Tim Maternity
Danielle & Carel Engagement
Rozaan & Johan Wedding
Lorraine & Ernestus Esession
Huis Francie Committee
Hartenberg Estate Menu
Evelyn Francis Finishing School
Lydia & Friends Matric Farewell
Bianca Matric Farewell
Southern Farms
Aucamp Family
Evelyn Francis
Philagro Trail
Marlene & De Waal Engagement
Travelport Conference Day 2
Roosenshoon Family
Lynette & Jacques Maternity
Nooitgedacht Team
Hartenberg Celebration Table
Ava Baby
Selena Newborn
Daniël Christening
Bejanke Baby Shower
Bessie 70th Celebration
Kriek Family
De Pradines Family
Bejanke & Jaco Maternity
Jacob Baby
Melissa’s Mantra Store
Opslogik Team
Stacy-Leigh & Wilco Wedding
Odendaal Family Preview low res1
Odendaal Family
Leticia & Christian Couple
Corlia & Daniel Couple
Stephanie & Renier Maternity
Jana & Jacques Couple Preview low res2
Jana & Jacques Couple
Van Straten Family Preview low res6
Van Straten Family
Anneke & Ruan Esession Preview low res17
Anneke & Ruan Engagement
Tammy 21st Preview low res56
Tammy 21st Birthday Celebration
Emmac Maternity Preview low res5
The Maks Family & Maternity
Myburg Perold Family Shoot Preview low res31
Myburg & Perold Family
Tasmin & Umar Esession Preview low res30
Tasmin & Umar Engagement
Lizanne & Jacques Esession Preview low res1
Lizanne & Jacques Engagement
Jacyntha & Christopher Maternity Preview low res4
Jacyntha Maternity
DOW Closer Launch Preview low res32
DOW Closer Launch
Page Family Preview low res6
Page Family
Solei Matric Farewell preview low res10
Solei Matric Farewell
Shannon Matric Farewell Preview low res12
Shannon Matric Farewell
Alicia Matric Farewell Preview low res1
Alicia Matric Farewell
Nita & Shaun Engagement Preview low res28
Nita & Shaun Engagement
Dos Santos Preview low res16
Dos Santos Family
Van der Spuy Preview1
Van der Spuy Family
De Clerk Family Preview low res4
De Clerk Family
Riandi & Matt Wedding Preview low res55
Riandi & Matt Wedding
Somerset Surgery preview low res14
Somerset Surgery Portrait Shoot
Schutte Family Preview low res460
Schutte Family
Ava 2nd Birthday Preview low res5
Ava 2nd Birthday Celebration
Rejuvenation Centre Competition draw low res32
Rejuvenation Centre Competition draw
MK BMW preview low res6
BMW & MK Exotic Tours Team building
Suan & Fanie Engagement Preview low res 3
Suanne & Fanie Proposal and Engagement Party
Marie & Gerik Wedding Sneak preview low res79
Marie & Gerik Wedding
Melissa’s Products
Nicolas Newborn Preview low res1
Nicolas Newborn
Elizabeth & Stephan Wedding Day preview low res64_
Elizabeth & Stephan Wedding
Drikie & Annamie Couple Preview low res34
Annamie & Dirkie
Andele Maternity preview low res1
Andéle & Mark
Brodbeck Family Low Res11
Brodbeck Family
Ladine Baby shower Preview low res62
Ladine Baby Shower
Anja & Linda Friend Preview low res1
Anja & Linda Friend
Hirst Family Preview low res21
Hirst Family
Myrone & Stacey Engagement low res7
Jamie & Myrone Engagement
ASATA dinner Preview low res40
ASTATA dinner
Maryke & Duan Wedding preview low res62
Maryke & Duan Wedding
Aleit Academy Open Day 2016 Low res24
The Aleit Academy Open day 2016
Cavalli Food Preview low res29
Cavalli Menu Shoot
Ziyaad & Stacey Esession Preview low res67
Ziyaad & Stacey Engagement
Isabelle & Theo Wedding Preview low res80
Isabelle & Theo Wedding
Lezanne & Japie Wedding Preview low res79
Lezanne & Japie Wedding
Melissa & Jaco Wedding Preview low res106
Melissa & Jaco Wedding
Schreiber Family preview low res2
Schreiber Family
Linda & Family Preview low res36
Linda & Family
Henlie & Albie Wedding Preview low res82
Henlie & Albie Wedding Day
Karin & Tiaan Wedding Preview low res99
Karin & Tiaan Wedding
Venter Family preview low res24
Venter Family
Linda & Junior Preview low res21
Linda & Junior
Sarisna & Juandre Engagement low res27
Sarisna & Juandre Engagement
Salie Kitchen Tea sneak preview low res40
Salie’s Kitchen Tea
Melissa & Albe Maternity Preview low res20
Melissa & Albe Maternity
Henlie & Albie Esession preview low res18
Henlie & Albie Engagement
Lulette & Van Zyl Wedding Preview low res70
Lulette & Van Zyl Wedding
Rejuvenation Center low res30
Rejuvenation Center Launch
Colebank Family Low res9
Colebank Family
Tarrin & Wayne Wedding Preview low res60
Tarrin & Wayne Wedding
Marina & Henk Preview low res32
Marina & Henk Couple
Charmaine & Andreas Couple Preview low res49
Charmaine & Andreas Couple
Liesl & Gary Couple Preview low res26
Liesl & Gary Couple
Lise & Bennie Wedding Preview Low res62
Lise & Bennie Wedding
Jones Family preview low res36
Jonas Family
Ansie & Eugene Wedding Preview low res65
Ansie & Eugene Wedding
Stella & Riley Newborn
AA Graduation Low res15
Aleit Academy Graduation
Garnett & Juandre Wedding low res90
Garnett & Juandre Wedding
Kelly & Gary Wedding Preview low res98
Kelly & Gary Wedding
Melissa & Jaco Engagement Preview low res3
Melissa & Jaco Engagement
Adonis Family Preview low res12
Adonis Family
Keri & Glynn Wedding Preview low res69
Keri & Glynn Wedding
Kelly & Gary Rehearsal Dinner preview low res12
Kelly & Gary Wedding Rehearsal Dinner
Clare & Henning Esession Preview low res20
Clare & Henning Engagement
Garnett & Juandre Esession preview low res4
Garnett & Juandre Engagement
Lene Newborn Preview low res2
Lene Newborn
Kate & Warren Maternity preview low res15
Kate & Warren Maternity
Venette Portrait low res7
Venette Portrait
Dorfling Family Preview low res5
Dorfling Family Shoot
Tarrin & Wayne Esession Preview low res1
Tarrin & Wayne Engagement
Liesl & Daniel Wedding preview low res60
Liesl & Daniel Wedding
The Wealth Room Launch preview low res17
The Wealth Room Launch
Monique & Marnitz Wedding low res67
Monique & Marnitz Wedding
Groupon Event Preview low res16
Groupon Dinner
Crafford Family Preview low res1
Crafford Family
Coolen Family preview low res2
Coolen Family
Lucy & Moray Esession Preview low res34
Lucy & Moray Engagement
Charmaine & Christopher preview low res4
Charmaine Maternity
Alison preview low res15
Alison Portrait
RMB Yearend preview low res12
Rand Merchant Bank Yearend
Caro & Stephan Wedding Preview low res77
Caro & Stephan Wedding
Corne & Jandre Wedding Preview low res121
Corné & Jandré Wedding
Sjaan & Albert Wedding preview low res74
Sjaan & Albert Wedding
Andrea & Ben Wedding Preview low res59
Andrea & Ben Wedding
Delene & Nico Wedding preview low res84
Delene & Nico Wedding
Liesl & Samantha Mother & Daugther low res5
Liesl & Samantha Mother & Daughter
Lulette & Van Zyl Esession Low res16
Lulette & Van Zyl Engagement
Fraser Family preview low res23
Fraser Family
Rozaan & Johan Esession Low res18
Rozaan & Johan Engagement
Sonja & Johan Wedding Preview low res63
Sonja & Johan Wedding
Kraft Family preview low res20
Kraft Family
Mitzi & Daniel Maternity preview low res1
Mitzi Maternity
VISSER Preview low res22
Visser Family
Zayd Newborn low res26
Zayd Newborn
Charne & Rob Wedding preview low res59
Charné & Rob Wedding
Nadia & Charles Wedding Low res107
Nadia & Charles Wedding
Caro & Stephan Esession Preview low res12
Caro & Stephan Engagement
Trish & Danie Maternity low res24
Trish & Danie Maternity
LHM December low res1
Lourensford Harvest Market December
Fraser Christmas Shoot low res15
Fraser Children Christmas shoot
Lizl & Alf couple low res1
Lizl & Alf Couple
Family low res1
Janse van Rensburg & Deacon Family
Wilco & Staceylee Esession low res1
Wilco & Stacy-Leigh Engagement
Boudoir Beauty preview low res1
Boudoir Beauty
Karin & Tiaan Esession Low res7
Karin & Tiaan Engagement
Akhona & Andile Wedding Day
Celebrate life preview low res5
Celebrate Life Dinner Party
Aleit Year End preview low res55
The Aleit Group Year-end
Labare & Gileam Wedding Preview Low res101
Labare & Gileam Wedding
Marizaan & Herman Wedding Preview low res77
Marizaan & Herman Wedding
Suzanne & Richard Wedding Preview low res91
Suzanne & Richard Wedding
Val de Vie Funrun & Market low res1
Val De Vie Market & Funrun
Marli Matric Farewell low res20
Marli & Friends Matric Farewell
Suzanne & Rosie Friend Shoot Preview low res23
Suzanne & Rosie Friend Shoot
Rentia & Jean Wedding Preview low res85
Rentia & Jean Wedding
LHM7 preview low res15
Lourensford Harvest Market
Schoeman Family Low res1
Schoeman Family
Renché & Andre Engagement Preview low res1
Renché & Andre Engagement
Jannike & Johann Wedding Preview low res61
Jannike & Johann Wedding
Zeenat & Riyaaz Maternity preview low res2
Zeenat & Riyaaz Maternity
Queeny & Sandiso Wedding Preview low res82
Queeny & Sandiso Wedding
Toinet & Schalk Wedding Preview low res87
Toinet & Schalk Wedding
Sonja & Johan Esession preview low res3
Sonja & Johan Engagement
Corné & Jandré Esession preview low res15
Corné & Jandré Engagement
LHM Aug Spring low res19
Lourensford Spring Market
Audrey & Khaney Wedding preview low res67
Audrey & Khaney Wedding
Alzan & Riaan wedding Preview low res64
Alzan & Riaan Wedding
Charlotte Launch preview low res RG69
Charlotte Francina Launch
Charlotte Range Preview low res18
Charlotte Francina 2015 Collection
Marizaan & Herman Esession low res12
Marizaan & Herman Engagement
Jeanine & Chris Wedding preview Low res62
Jeanine & Chris Wedding
Event Affairs Low res9
Event Affairs Team Shoot
Inge Matric farewell preview low res1
Inge Matric Farewell
Audrey & Khanay Esession low res1
Audrey & Khaney Engagement
Rentia & Jean Esession low res38
Rentia & Jean Engagement
Pilates preview Low res13
Performance Pilates
Hope through action low res30
Hope Through Action Charity
Servi Birthday Celebration low res18
Servi’s Birthday Celebration
Toinet & Schalk Engagement Preview low res13
Toinet & Schalk Engagement
Delene & Nico Low res61
Delene & Nico Engagement
Monique & Marnitz Esession low res13
Monique & Marnitz Engagement
Gerber Family Shoot low res1
Gerber Family
Danie Baby low res8
Danie Baby Session
Severn & Matt Preview low res76
Severn & Matt Wedding
Gertrude Birthday Celebration preview low res4
Gertrude 80th Birthday Celebration
Ludwig Birthday low res9
Ludwig Birthday Celebration
Aflim Premier Low res7
Aflim movie Premier
Ilanda & Heino low res53
Ilanda & Heino Wedding
Labare & Gileam Low res1
Labare & Gileam Engagement
Andrea & Dean Low res81
Andrea & Dean Wedding
Hayley & Michael low res72
Hayley & Michael Wedding
De Pradines low res18
De Pradines Family
Tom and Laroushka Preview low res68
Laroushka & Tom Wedding
Inecke & Franco Wedding Day low res51
Inecke & Franco Wedding
Jeanine & Chris Esession Low res1
Jeanine & Chris Engagement
46Kraft Family Low Res
Kraft Family
Ferrari Test and Drive low res30
Ferrari Test & Drive
Anthea & Keith Wedding low res86
Anthea & Keith Wedding
Jana & Retief Wedding Low res65
Jana & Retief Wedding
Andrea and Ben Low res14
Andrea & Ben Engagement
La Paris Styled Shoot
Erns and Daleen’s Big Blessing
Samantha & Donnovan Low res79
Samantha & Donovan Wedding
Anja Newborn Low res1
Anja Newborn
Jana & Retief Low res27
Jana & Retief Engagement
Butler Maternity Low res10
Butler Maternity
Ferrari low res55
Ferrari California T Launch
Lieselot & Steven Wedding low res46
Lieselot & Steven Wedding
Hayley & Michael Engagement
Emily 1st Birthday Low res2
Emily’s First Birthday Celebration
Jessica & Nana Low res50
Jessica & Nana Wedding
Nel Family Low res37
Nel Family
Shaun & Yusavia Wedding low res63
Yusavia & Shaun Wedding
Bruce & Hannah Low Res77
Hannah & Bruce Wedding
Joshua Newborn Low res25
Joshua Newborn
Schabort Famly Low res9
Schabort Family
Samantha & Garth Low Res73
Samantha & Garth Wedding
Allishia & Johann Wedding low res54
Allishia & Johann Wedding
De Wet Family Shoot Low Res7
De Wet Family
Heather & Rowan Wedding Low res64
Heather & Rowan Wedding
Annake & Wiekus Low Res65
Annake & Wiekus Wedding
Swart Family Shoot Low Res11
Swart Family
LHM last LOGO22
Lourensford Harvest Market
Nastassia & Logan Wedding
Kuhn Maternity Low Res14
Kuhn Maternity
C&J W&D83
Chrismare & Japie Wedding
LHMC low res30
Lourensford Christmas Market
Kelly & Ahmed Low Res 22
Kelly & Ahmed Anniversary
J&JLow Res 55
Janine & JP Wedding
Fraser Family Shoot Low Res4
Fraser Family & Maternity
Alzan & Riaan Esession Low Res-34
Alzan & Riaan Engagement
Babyliss Low res22
Babyliss Launch
Zelda & Joel Wedding low res74
Zelda & Joel Wedding
Ilanda & Heino Low Res34
Ilanda & Heino Engagement
Adele Matric Farewell Low Res4
Adele Matric Farewell
Andrea & Dean Low Res16
Andrea & Dean Engagement
Juliet Naming Ceremony Low Res 2
Juliet Naming Ceremony
Martie & Guillaume Wedding Low res 70
Martie & Guillaume Wedding
Nova Low Res-1
Nova Kotze Newborn